Your Task:

1) Take the recorded dialogue
2) Build a scene around it
3) Submit it by the deadline

Your Rules:

1) You can only use Freesound CC0 SFX
2) Your scene should be less than 5 mins
3) Get weird, get silly, have fun!

Your Reward:

1) Personal Satisfaction
2) Rights to your own audio
3) Featured on the Hubris Feed*

*The Hubris Team reserves the right to refuse to feature an episode, so this is not a guarantee.

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About Open Dialogue: A Sound Shenanigan

Open Dialogue is a sound design challenge organized by Tal Minear. It's an event to make something cool and do something fun! Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you're just starting out or an experienced sound designer.There's no entry fee, but you can buy Tal a coffee here.


Why? -> Why Not?How long is the dialogue? -> 1 minute 42 seconds!Can I use _____ plugin? -> Sure!Can I mess with the recorded dialogue (change pitch, add filters, etc...)? -> Sure!Can I record additional vocals? -> Please don't!Can I record my own foley? -> Only if you upload it to Freesound under public domain (CC0) attribution.Can I make my own music? -> Only if you upload it to Freesound under public domain (CC0) attribution.Is this sponsored by Freesound? -> No, I just like them.Why is the maximum length 5 minutes? -> Because I like you.Will you do a listening party of all the submissions? -> Probably, if there's enough of them!

You in?

Download the dialogue here.

You done?

Submit your scene here.